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May 2019
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Ok, new rule.

Im sorry for the let down here, from now on im back posting on aregular basis 🙂

So here to start… how many of you falls in that area?

My favortie quote:

Part of the reason for this lack of motivation might come from a lack of trust in organisation leaders,which is low . . . → Read More: Ok, new rule.

Too funy not to post

I think they are brilliant 🙂

yes i will get back to posting about BIM i promise 🙂

Let me start 2013 with

Happy New Year to everyone 🙂

I plan on getting back to my old habit from 2 years ago and post videos more often.

So im going to start with this very cool animation to get you in the mood 🙂

RTC… Europe

My good friends at LivingRoomCraftZ will be hosting RTC Europe next year.

Make sure you don’t miss it if you’re in Europe(or even if you’re not) because Delft is a wonderful city and Silvia & Martin are the best host ever.

Check out all the details here:

Navisworks 2013 SP2

Released here:


And the enhancements/fixes are:

Core Functionality ■ An issue where saving some 2013 protein materials in the 2012 NWD file format could corrupt the model. Search and Selection Sets ■ Multiple performance issues when working with a large volume of selection and search sets. ■ An issue where some commands . . . → Read More: Navisworks 2013 SP2


If you are trying to track your addins, there is several places to look for:


C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2013\Program\AddIns



Revit LT?? Really!


It started interesting until i noticed that Customizing the Visibility of Linked Models is not allowed….

What’s your take on it?

Revit 2013 Sp1 on x64

I couldn’t try on x86 machines but here’s a tip if your installation of the SP1 doesnt go through (Seems to be hanging).

Go to your Windows Task Manager

Under process kill the msi process that has the *32

Then turn on the PID under the view menu – Select Columns

Kill the latest . . . → Read More: Revit 2013 Sp1 on x64

Time Management

Once again, Seth is right on the ball


I couldn’t be as active as i use to but there’s a few reasons why:

620m tall 250 000 m2 above grade New to BIM team

And most importantly…. crazy beautiful


Stay tune for more news on that project. Really wish i could post images . . . → Read More: Unfortunately