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Family Browser 3… finally!

It’s finally out and the guys at Kiwi Codes have done an AMAZING job once again. Here’s a list of What’s New… and it’s impressive:

  • UI Enhancements
    • Automatic load on Revit startup
    • Expand/Hide on mouse over
    • Double click to pin open
    • Left/Right hand tabs
    • Automatic expansion of family types on mouse over
    • Search function
  • New Features
    • Insert families with type catalogues
    • Insert families without type catalogues
    • Display multiple types in loaded family
    • Replace selected family with new family even if it’s not loaded in the project
    • Create new tabs on the fly
    • Drag and Drop families from Windows Explorer onto tabs.
      • Family Browser will automatically copy the catalogue file if found
    • Extract selected families from Revit project onto tabs
    • Add walls to Family Browser
  • New Features (type catalogue creator)
    • Automatic creation of type catalogues from selected families
    • Graphical UI for editing type catalogues
    • Units converter
    • Input validation checking
    • Option to delete and rename remaining types in family
      • Family Browser updates instantly with types


Check out the video here and get a trial from here.

2 comments to Family Browser 3… finally!

  • It’s about community. That’s not to say ArchiCAD users don’t have a stnrog community (they do) but you’ll find that most of the Revit bloggers are also part of the Revit community… may it be on AUGI or on Autodesk. As a result, they see their fellow community members blogging and sharing and they start doing it as well. This has only really started over the past two years. It’s simply not something that has caught on in the ArchiCAD community just yet, I would expect that it will in time.

  • Thank you for your question.ArchiCAD and Vectorworks aphpcaored Bradley in November 2012; to create a test library of Bradley BIM models in their respective format. Vectorworks proceeded to build 180 of our products in Vectorworks; which were released in February 2013.ArchiCAD experienced changes; which put their original offer to Bradley on a temporary hold. We have continued communications with ArchiCAD; as they map out how they want to serve their client base with manufacturer content. Consider reaching out to ArchiCAD and share with them the value of manufacturers’ content for your projects. We are currently working with an international company to host our Revit models internationally to serve our International Bradley projects & clients. They have resources that may allow us to begin creating our models in ArchiCAD; however, our client requests have been Revit for those areas of the world.Over the last 4 years of the Bradley BIM Initiative, we have not received many requests for ArchiCAD formatted models. A collaborative market test between Bradley and the BIM software company is the best place to begin. Vectorworks and their clients have been corresponding the value of Bradley BIM models in a Vectorworks format for their projects. Which helps us define our next steps to provide Vectorworks content. A sample library helped foster that communication.Best regards,Daniel HughesBradley BIM Strategist

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