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Parking in Revit?

You are probably wondering why we will be talking about Parking? This Parking is a Windows 7 features that (we believe) only happens on Intel i5 & i7 CPU Quad Core. It basically is a way for Windows to control power. It will put some CPU in “parking” mode if they are not needed. Thus reducing the power consumption but also… the power itself. What’s the point of having a Quad Core if Windows doesn’t use it to the fullest?

Since the 2012 platform now supports multi-threading on some tasks it would be nice to harness all the power of our machines for those tasks.

Here are the results of a non-scientific test conducted today (Open with audit a 2011 file and resave it. The file is fairly large and has several linked file in it)

With Parking enabled With Parking disabled
image image
20:52 mins 17:47 mins

Basically on those features alone we seem to get close to a 15% gain in performance.

Now… how do I disable the Parking feature.(Use at your own risk and make sure you backup the registry before)

  • Open the Registry Editor
    • SNAGHTML29033b
  • Run a search for that key : 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583
    • image
  • Once you found one you want to make both ValueMax & ValueMin to 0
    • image
  • To do so, double-click the value and set it to 0 then click ok
    • SNAGHTML2df279
  • Then go to Edit – Find Next and set the value to 0 again
    • image
    • Repeat until you get the following message
      • SNAGHTML2f5fdb
      • Click OK, Close the registry editor and restart Windows

To make sure it’s deactivated open the Windows Task Manager and click on Resource Monitor. Go to the CPU tab to see if any are “parked

We would love to hear any feedback from you guys.

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