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Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

The entire team at RevitIt would like to wish you all the best for 2012.

Thanks to everyone for your support

Creating a Coil

Someone requested a way to create a coil for alighting fixture.

See the video here

Lock Profiles interesting behaviour

When locking profiles in a Mass family you get interesting results for the Offset value whether you deselect the Form or not.

See the video here

Revit 2012 Rotate Behavior Quick Tip

There’s been some modification to the Rotate tool in 2012, the ability to place the rotation point. Today i show you how to speed up that process.

See the video here

Some exciting technology preview

Seems like our friend at Dassault are working hard on something new. Called Dassault Systemes Live Buildings (really like that name) looks very promising.

Interested?  Want to learn more? Contact Eric at:

See the video here

Seth Godin did it again

You’re going to love that one

3dConnexion and AU

3dConnexion is offering you the chance to go to AU on they’re’ dime. Here’s how…

You will also get a 3dConnexion mouse in the process, not bad at all

How do i create a toposurface from an AutoCAD file

You’ve been handed an AutoCAD file with a series of points from the surveyor and you want to know how you can use that to create your topo in Revit?

See the video here

Massing Profiles behaviours

Have you noticed the fact that using Model Lines vs. Reference Planes will get you different behaviours?

See the video here

How do you go about locking a circular shape?

Ever needed to constrain a circular wall to a grid intersection?

See the video here