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Lock Profiles interesting behaviour

When locking profiles in a Mass family you get interesting results for the Offset value whether you deselect the Form or not.

See the video here

Too many elements in your interference checking?

You are running interference checking in Navisworks and you find out that there is way too many objects? Check the right option to fix it.

See the video here

Managing grids on large scale view

Your project will be using a scale of 1/8”-1’ but your site view is more like 1”=30’? Your grid bubbles looks like trees on the site view? Here’s how to fix that problem.

See the video here

Loosing weight …..

I ran across a model size that had become an issue because of the remote access usage. After some very basic file management we got the size down to half the original one(the model has already been purged).

Original size : 305 420 KB

Removing the Views Not on Sheets

Removing the . . . → Read More: Loosing weight …..

Align Faces Weirdness

I ran into a little bit of a weirdness doing a very simple exercise. Seems like aligning faces might not be that easy after all.


See the video here

Lighting Fixtures Dead-End…

If you are trying to control multiple light source from within a single lighting fixture you might think you got lucky considering that we seem to be able to link the photometric parameters:

And then you find yourself …. out of luck

I’m usually trying not to rent but i couldn’t help . . . → Read More: Lighting Fixtures Dead-End…