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May 2019
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I couldn’t be as active as i use to but there’s a few reasons why:

620m tall 250 000 m2 above grade New to BIM team

And most importantly…. crazy beautiful


Stay tune for more news on that project. Really wish i could post images . . . → Read More: Unfortunately

Some exciting technology preview

Seems like our friend at Dassault are working hard on something new. Called Dassault Systemes Live Buildings (really like that name) looks very promising.

Interested?  Want to learn more? Contact Eric at:

See the video here

Travelling again

Blogging will be scarce for the next 3 weeks since I’ll be going to France, Germany & Denmark. Stay put for some more cool stuff.

In the mean time…

I suggest you consult our without BIM page, should make you smile.


for not being around too much lately. I’ve been travelling in Europe for the past 2 weeks and will be here for another 2.

In the mean time, enjoy this fine piece of engineering

. . . → Read More: Sorry

Seth Godin

I love this guy, in this post he makes a comment that rely on the world we work in. Here’s the post

News from the Great North

I got that from the love of my life yesterday and i figure that it’s worth posting.

Why no one should ever try to become an Architect

Sooo hilarious, totally in the line of the precedent post.

A new section has been added

We’ve added a section for our clients. In there you will find courses on What’s New for Revit Architecture, a course on creating railings. We’re preparing an introduction to Navisworks class and a few other videos.

Of course if you have any request please feel free to contact us.

We hope you will enjoy.