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Revit 2012 Rotate Behavior Quick Tip

There’s been some modification to the Rotate tool in 2012, the ability to place the rotation point. Today i show you how to speed up that process.

See the video here

Inserting Word document into Revit

There’s multiple way to do that, one is the free text Generator from the extensions that can be downloaded from the subscription site.

See the video here

Form Finding with Nucleus

A new tool has been publish on Autodesk Labs to help with form finding in Revit. Interesting to see Maya influencing Revit.

Get the tool here

See a brief video here

Simple Tile Fill Pattern with Grout

We all know that Revit’s ability to generate Tile  fill pattern is limited to crossing lines.

Chris Baze wrote a nice Excel file to help you achieve a little bit more detail in a lot faster way then using Notepad.

Simply fill in the information for Height, Width & Grout Width

Then . . . → Read More: Simple Tile Fill Pattern with Grout

Sheet Creator

Jason Grant gave us a nice xmas gift. On December 25th he released the first version of the sheet creator. The application is designed to facilitate the Sheet creation process by entering the information in a single dialog box repetitively.

The application is dead simple to use. After the install (which are well documented . . . → Read More: Sheet Creator