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Massing Profiles behaviours

Have you noticed the fact that using Model Lines vs. Reference Planes will get you different behaviours?

See the video here

How do you go about locking a circular shape?

Ever needed to constrain a circular wall to a grid intersection?

See the video here

How to create a stepped footing

I’ve seen several ways of doing it over the year and how’s my favorite method.

See the video here

Parking in Revit?

You are probably wondering why we will be talking about Parking? This Parking is a Windows 7 features that (we believe) only happens on Intel i5 & i7 CPU Quad Core. It basically is a way for Windows to control power. It will put some CPU in “parking” mode if they are not needed. . . . → Read More: Parking in Revit?

Copying Elements from a Link File

You have elements in a link file that you want to use in the host?

See the video here

Making some glass transparent in elevation

You are looking to make some glass transparent in elevation?

See the video here

Understanding 2d-3d behaviour for Datum plan

Here’s the general behaviour for datum plan according to the 2d-3d settings.

See the video here

Constraining an array

You want to constrain an array based on the distance of the elements?

See the video here

Managing grids on large scale view

Your project will be using a scale of 1/8”-1’ but your site view is more like 1”=30’? Your grid bubbles looks like trees on the site view? Here’s how to fix that problem.

See the video here

How to create a custom analysis grid

You want to create a quick custom analysis grid in Autodesk Ecotect Analysis, here’s how.

See the video here